FDA Orders Safety Tests for 30 Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturers

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New news has come regarding the FDA and their review of transvaginal mesh companies. The administration recently ordered over 30 manufacturers of the implants to participate in “post market safety tests” to communicate the real dangers of the products. The administration believes that these companies have purposely hidden the serious potential side effects of transvaginal […]


Vaginal Mesh News: Ethicon MDL 2327 Case Growing Rapidly

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Ethicon’s vaginal mesh lawsuit MDL 2327 is growing rapidly, with new individuals coming forward daily. The cases are being tried in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia. Its official name is “Ethicon Inc., Pelvic Repair System Products Liability Litigation MDL No. 2327”. MDL stands for “multidistrict litigation” and means that […]


Fair Rate Funding Dedicates $10 Million to Transvaginal Mesh Victims

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A company called Fair Rate Funding is one of the lawsuit funding business’s largest firms. On May 8 of this year, they announced that they would be dedicated $10,000,000 to assist the victims of transvaginal mesh victims. Plaintiffs who qualify may be able to use the money to cover their recovery expenses, which can include […]


Bard Avaulta Transvaginal Mesh Trials Set For June 2013

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The first federal trial to involve the Bard Avaulta Transvaginal mesh implant is set to commence in June of this year. The United States District Judge Joseph Goodwin has ordered that each Bard lawsuit be tried on an individual basis. There are four in total. In federal court for the Southern District of West Virginia, […]


Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits Now in Canada

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Plenty of transvaginal mesh lawsuits have already been filed in the United States alone. Now (as of 02/26/13) many are taking place in Canada as well. The majority of Canadian vaginal mesh cases target the American Medical Systems brand. This is due to their large presence in Canada compared to the other top manufacturers like […]


AMS Vaginal Mesh Victim Cancels Engagement

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A recent victim of an American Medical Systems vaginal mesh implant has some news to share. “I haven’t been able to have sexual activity with my fiancé without both of us experiencing pain and I don’t blame him for breaking off our engagement,” she recently stated. The woman underwent the AMS mesh surgery to treat […]


Avaulta Mesh Found to Be Largely Ineffective

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There are a ton of manufacturers of Avaulta mesh in the United States, including big names like Gynecare, Johnson & Johnson, and Ethicon. A lesser-known company called Avaulta, however, recently made its way into news headlines. The publicity does not come as a surprise, however, given that it was only reported for being “defectively designed” […]


Vaginal Mesh News: Australian Court Considers DePuy Settlements

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More product liability class action lawsuits are expected to take place in Australia in the coming months. The country predicts a strong increase in the amount of cases that will be filed, especially on the topic of transvaginal mesh implants. This news comes as of May 2012. Two other product liability lawsuits were recently settled […]


Transvaginal Mesh News: Conference Held in Ethicon Mesh Litigation

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A status conference was recently held at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia in regards to some Ethicon bladder mesh litigation and problems that arose from a previous case. The original lawsuit resulted in the plaintiff being granted $11 million for the injuries she experienced as a result of using […]


New Order in Federal Vaginal Mesh Litigation Moves Forward

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Thousands of transvaginal mesh lawsuits are now moving forward in a U.S. district court in West Virginia (as of May 30, 2013). A new pretrial order was issued on the 29th, confirming an agreement between the plaintiffs and defendants in regards to claims being filed in a delayed manner, and how the stature of limitations […]


FDA Public Health Notification

On October 20, 2008, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Public Health Notification advisory consumers and health practitioners about serious complications associated with transvaginal placement of surgical mesh used to treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).

How do I know if my complications are related to a mesh insert?

Vaginal mesh surgery is often done for pelvic organ prolapse. Transvaginal mesh complications can be severe and include pain, painful sexual intercourse, infection, bleeding, incontinence, organ perforation, vaginal scarring, and mesh erosion through the vaginal wall. Some women have also reported recurrences of the prolapse and the need for more surgeries to attempt to remove surgical mesh that had eroded into the vagina. The FDA has issued warning on vaginal mesh inserts made by both Bard and Johnson & Johnson. If you had surgery and experienced complications or symptoms after surgery, you should contact your health care provider immediately.